5.000.000 THB

UPSIDE DOWN PATTAYA was bould and open at end of July 2016
Park area + - 9000 m2 including parking for buses. The land is leased, tenancy agreement for 10 years (it has been 7 years now) plus 10 years.
Attraction: Upside down house, castle, magic barrel, gyroscope area,  labirynth, creazy bike area, mirror tolilet, shooting range, coffeteria, shop.

About condo

The house has two floors, the area of the house is about 240 square meters. It is the most sloping house in the world. It is a completely Polish construction, characterized by an inclination of up to 10 degrees and a lateral deviation of 3 degrees. This causes a gentle confusion of the work of the labyrinth, making the house a great place for children to play. It is the only house of this type in Thailand, so it is visited by Thai tourists, students and students from all over the country. The first house of this type in the world was created in Poland in 1994.
Crooked castle is both a lookout point and a meeting place for lovers. This is a miniature of a curvy castle from medieval Croatia. The castle is associated with a legend - if a couple kisses in the walls of this castle, they will live with each other in love and wealth. In the back of the castle there are spacious toilets prepared for tour groups form China.
The magic barrel was built as an attraction for taking pictures. This is a magic, optical illusion. The tap above the barrel gives the impression of floating in the air.
The office has an area of approximately 60m2. There are 4 rooms inside. Manager and ticket office, billing room, server room, park management office and two bathrooms. The office building due to its unique architecture is undoubtedly a kind of tourist attraction.
Our other attraction is labyrinth (maze)  designed by Sławek Michorzewski –  famous  polish artist and writer.  Labyrinth (maze) has been constructed in a way, that everyone can take pleasure from challenging themselves in finding the way out.If you are uncertain of your ability to find the way out you don’t have to worry as we have thought of everyone. There are two ways leading to the aim. First, a very easy one in which you basically can’t get lost and second of a medium level of complexity.Additional and unusual attraction of the labyrinth (maze) is a view pier, from which one can find the right way out with an ease as well as take a memory photo shoot.Inside of the labyrinth (maze) you can find a contour of the upside down house formatted from the plants  in which You can find XXL size furniture. It’s an another reason to find the right way out quickly and enjoy the view of few meter tall table and chair.
In the park there are two professional gyroscope types. These are exactly the same devices that are used for training combat aircraft pilots and astronauts in space training centers. G’s felt during playtime can be compared to riding a sports motorcycle. Using Gyroscope is a great fun for everyone without age limit. Now you can look from upside down at our twisted world as many times as you wish.
Crazy bike challenge.
We have ten circus bikes in the park. All bikes are made according to unique designs, they were made in Europe and have a safety certificate. Each bicycle requires different skills from the driver. Riding bicycles is a lot of fun and a big challenge. Emotions are guaranteed.
In addition, the park has a cafeteria in a unique construction house. The house is on the side and the entrance is on the floor. In front of the cafe there is a store with drinks and snacks. In the back of the park we have an additional toilet.
All attractions located in the park are unique throughout Thailand. Nowhere in Asia has the house been built upside down with an inclined axis X and Y. We have signed several dozen contracts with tourism companies from China, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Russia and others.

Location and neighborhood